The Air Pollutant Index (API) is obtained from the measurement of fine dust less than 10 microns and a few types of gases which are harzadous to health such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.


Haze affects Health

The continuous haze situation will be further a risk to all the following category of people:


  1. Children
  2. Elderly
  3. Those who have
    1. Asthma
    2. Bronchitis
    3. Lungs inflammations
    4. Chronic lungs problems
    5. Heart
    6. Allergy
  1. Smokers
  2. Workers in open areas


Source: Department of Environment

API Reading


Meteorological Services Department Contact



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Tel (Complaints) : 04-294 7873



Toll Free: 800 3434


Very Unhealthy

Fax No: 03-293 7655






To avoid diseases from the Haze

  1. Mask needs to be used by all motorcyclists, outdoor workers, those who are exposed to dusty places and those who are in the high-risk group.
  2. The public is advised to stay indoors as much as possible.
  3. Reduce outdoor activities
  4. Those who are in the high risk group as stated above are advised to continue medication as prescribed and take care of their health at all times.
  5. The public is advised to wash their hands, face and bathe regularly.
  6. Those who are having cough, flu, asthma, eye irritation, chronic lung infection are required to go to the clinic as soon as possible if symptoms persists.
  7. Those who are driving in an air-conditioned vehicle needs to start the air-conditioner and close all windows when driving.

8. The public is advised to drink as much water as possible at all time.

  1. Those who have children, elderly and relatives who are sick in the house, please do not smoke.
  2. Smokers are advised to stop smoking during hours where API is higher than 101.
  3. Those who are in the high risk category are advised to stay indoor if API exceeds 201
  4. Please be tuned to the radio, TV and major newspaper to get an update on the haze conditions and heed the advice given by Ministry of Health and Department of Environment.


 Source: Ministry of Health


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