Enterovirus Outbreak

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease; Enterovirus 71; Echovirus 7; Coxsackie; ?Adenovirus

Vads Corner - Enterovirus Outbreak; Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease; Enterovirus 71; Echovirus 7; Coxsackie; ?Adenovirus

This page is dedicated to enteroviruses, particularly enterovirus 71, echovirus 7 and coxsackie group of viruses, as well as some links to adenoviruses. It will also be a site for viral myocarditis and hand,foot and mouth disease. General links to viruses, epidemiological related resources and articles will be maintained. This page started as a result of the outbreak(1997) in Sarawak, Malaysia and later Taiwan. Some links although redundant will be maintained as a reminder of this event. Since then outbreaks have occurred in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and China.

This is probably the very first site dedicated to enteroviruses esp. outbreaks in particular EV 71 in the world since 6th June 1997!

This page is on Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which affects humans, if you are looking for foot and mouth disease, I suggest you go to Foot and Mouth Disease - Vads Corner

This page will be updated as and when information is available.You are welcome to suggest links or comments related to this site by e-mailing directly to me or mentioning the link in the guestbook. I however have the right to moderate these links. Please read the disclaimer.

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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (Enteroviruses- Coxsackieviruses and Enterovirus 71) Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease - Palmar Hand

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Links Related to the outbreak in Sarawak (April/June 1997) and Current outbreak in Malaysia in October 2000


Links Related to the outbreak in Taiwan (May/June 1998 and Sept/Oct 1998)

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