Fitting Instructions

1.Firstly pre-stretch each strap by pulling between both hands at 1-2 inch intervals around the entire length of the strap. 2. Cup respirator in hand, with metal noseclip at fingertips, allowing straps to hang freely below hand.


3. Cup respirator under chin with metal noseclip facing upwards. 4. Place the top elastic strap around the head, above the ears. Place the bottom elastic strap Around the head, just below the ears. Untwist the straps.


5. Using both hands, mould metal nosepiece to shape of lower part of nose. 6. To check fit, cup both hands over respirator and exhale vigorously. If air flows around nose, tighten nosepiece. If air leaks at respirator edges, work straps back along the sides of the head.

Thanks to Mr.Thomas Chan for scanning the material.