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Update July 2006

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The 9th Malaysian Plan ( ) had been announced and 90 million ringgit has been earmarked for research in MOH alone. The thrust for the Health sector in 9MP can be read at "Achieving Better Health", chapter 20. This can be downloaded from

In chapter 20 under, research, emphasis was given to strengthen institutional capacity and promote research in priority areas to support evidence-based practices. Towards this end, the scope of the existing five institutes under the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was streamlined and expanded to seven, thus allowing for increased focus in the following priority areas:


The NIH is a network of research institutes under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The NIH aims to create a seamless continuum from the identification of research priorities through conduct of the research leading to utilization of research findings in health policy formulation, health management, health promotion and development of better tools for the diagnosis and management of important health problems.

The IMR is the research arm of the Ministry of Health Malaysia . Research programmes of the Institute are geared towards the various identified priority areas, which is in line with the health problems in the country. Research findings and results are used by managers and administrators, in the various ministries and other government agencies, in forming, implementing and evaluating programmes and activities for the diagnosis, prevention and control of diseases in the country.

The section, "MOH Research Management" gives you information on how to apply and conduct reseach in Malaysia as well as the necessary requirements to for MOH sites. How to apply for grants as be it IRPA or MOH; as well as information for undergraduates and postgraduates research.

CRC is the clinical research arm of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. They conduct clinical trials, clinical epidemiology and economic research, and manage complex medical databases. The CRC comprises a "national HQ" located at Kuala Lumpur Hospital and 14 smaller hospital CRCs (one in each state hospital except Kangar + Selayang), forming a veritable clinical research network in the country.  

IPH is the centre for public health research.

Health Systems Research is a research field that looks into the functioning of the system, comprising of independent units, organisations and institutions, or the complex interplay between organisations and health systems as a whole. It provides scientific evidence to policy makers and health managers at all levels, to enable them to make informed decisions about the healthcare system.

The vision of the IHM aspires “to be a centre of excellence in health management research, training and consultancy and that it shall optimize avenues for linkages and networking, both locally and globally. This is to enable the Institute to contribute towards a health system that has well-trained managers who are effective, responsive and proactive to the needs of the nation and who can provide effective leadership.

No web site yet. IHP concentrates on behavioural research.

No web site yet. Its niche will be in the area of production of important vaccines. Also known as 9BIO.


At the recent "National Conference on Research Priorities in the Health Sector for the 9MP" at Sunway Lagoon resort between 27th-28th July 2006, various stake-holders met to prioritise areas of research in their various field of expertise.

National health priorities were as below..

Disease Priorities Risk Priorities
Ischaemic Heart Disease Tobacco
Mental Disease Blood Pressure
Cerebrovascular Disease/Stroke Overweight
Cancers Cholesterol
Respiratory Diseases Physical Inactivity
Road Traffic Accidents Stress
Diabetes Alcohol
Selected Infectious Disease of Major Public Health Problems Other factors which influence the infectious diseases
Health Policy and Systems  
Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices  
Medical Biotechnology  

The last three were included as they cut across all main areas of concern.

The 9th MP will be made available at the National Institutes of Health ( ) website soon for those keen to know and apply for research grants. Grants will be awarded to areas of research priorities identified.

Another important site spearheading various initiatives in research in Malaysia is the

The National Committee for Clinical Research (NCCR), Ministry of Health, is spearheading various initiatives to enhance and regulate the quality of biomedical research and clinical research practice in the Malaysia.

The NCCR is made up of member representatives and experts from the Ministry of Health (MOH), various national Universities, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), the Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA), the Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries (MOPI), as well as other Non-Governmental Organisations. This composition of member representatives reflects the on-going  “smart-partnerships” amongst the various stake-holders with interests in quality clinical research in Malaysia.

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