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"I drink to your health when I'm with you. I drink to your health when I'm alone. I drink to your health so often.
I'm beginning to worry about my own."

Toasts by Paul Dickson, Rollin McGrail (A collection of toasts)

Looking for inspiration to write my next article, I came across this quote or toast above. Of course my greatest source of inspiration is my chief editor reminding me that he is waiting for my next article!

Doctors always advice their patients to drink alcohol in moderation. The problem is, what is moderate for one may be excessive for another. Many for health reason (I think I hear this often) prefer to drink a bottle or two,oops, I mean a glass or two of wine..preferably red......good for the heart. This article is for all the wine lovers out there, for those who do not drink alcohol, wait for my next article or place a visit to Cybercucina (it means "cyber kitchen" in Italian). They offer the finest imported gourmet foods as well as easy online ordering, fast shipping, and great customer they say.

This is just a handy reference page intended to state the obvious.  It is intended for quasi-beginners, those who know a little, but haven't delved into the esoterica.   It is not an encyclopedia, nor intended to be exhaustive.


  1. STORAGE: Classic storage conditions--the issue every oenophile eventually confronts
  2. SELECTION OF WINES: How do you know the bottle is in good shape before buying?
  3. PRESERVING OPENED WINES: The many methods, debates
  4. DECANTING: Why decant a wine? Breathing and sediment
  5. CORKED WINES: The meaning of a corked wine, and sending it back
  6. CORKSCREWS:  Variety, style and practicality


A very comprehensive site for information on wine. Among them

  1. Quick Wine Tasting Course

    Consider it an online wine-tasting tutorial covering

    • Introduction: Looking at Wine
    • Getting Your Nose Into Wine
    • Taste: More Than Just Swallowing
    • Wine Vocabulary - All Those Funny Words
    • Learning to Taste by Closing Our Eyes
    • Postgraduate "Blind" Tasting
    • Our Vinous Debt to France
    • Wine and Fun from Italy
    • Germany: Hard Words, Easy Wine
    • Spain: A Delicious Secret
    • The USA: Fine Wine from the Melting Pot
    • Sparkling Wine: The Spirit of Festivity
    • Tasting on the "Wheel" more information about Aroma Wheel
  2. Wine Questionary Much like a traditional encyclopedia but hyperlinked and interactive, The Wine Questionary makes it easy for you to browse through the most frequently asked wine questions (not to mention some more uncommon but intriguing topics) and find just the information you seek.
  3. Wine Lovers' Lexicon This feature combines our wine-tasting dictionary and wine-pronouncing glossary. Featuring more than 500 wine-related words and phrases, the Wine Lovers' Lexicon offers you quick, readable definitions of the words you'll need to select, evaluate and buy wine in the tasting room, restaurant or wine shop, complete with pronunciations and MP3 sound files so you can hear all the non-English words and phrases.
  4. Wine Label Decoder Few things about fine wine are more daunting to the newcomer than the wine-bottle label. All that small print! All those foreign words and terms! Learn to decode the label, though, and you've armed yourself with the tools you need to be a savvy consumer. Wine Label Decoder offers straightforward explanations of label language, keyed to pictures of labels from five countries.
  5. Wine Tasting Toolbox You'll find a variety of articles, reference materials and tasting forms, from simple to advanced to essay-style, in Wine Tasting Toolbox, a resource containing many elements in common with this menu. It's intended as an organized source of information for wine lovers at any stage of expertise who want a complete set of tools to taste wine analytically, whether as a hobby exercise at home or while dining out, or for organizing a group wine-tasting party.
  6. WWW Winegrape Glossary For the most comprehensive guide to wine grapes on the Web. A must visit site!


New readers of this glossary will need to know that experienced tasters notes have a four-part sequence of events. When analysed, the remarks break down, in order, into perceptions about:

a) Colour/clarity of the wine when the wineglass is tilted and its contents viewed against a light source.

b) Smell - (known in the general sense as the "nose").

c) Taste - (first in the "mouth" or "palate", followed by the "finish").

Using these perceptions, the tasters attempt to communicate their feelings about the wine under review to others by descriptive words or phrases. The following glossary is an attempt to categorize those words/phrases.

See also The ABC's of Wine Tasting (Skillful tasting unlocks wine's treasures).This step-by-step guide gives you the keys.


The Australian wine industry started soon after settlement in 1788, when the first vines from South Africa were planted. However, it wasn’t until the 1840s that waves of English and European migrants started planting substantial vineyards in SA, Victoria and NSW.

The industry has been characterised by many cyclical highs and lows in its 200 year history, as a result of seasonal conditions, fluctuating domestic demand and export difficulties associated with Australia’s distance from key markets.

However, a combination of improved viticultural and winemaking technology, better transport and distribution arrangements and most importantly a high quality, consistent and well priced product made Australian wine an international success story in the 1990s.

Annual export sales of Australian wine jumped from $174 million in 1991 to $ 1billion in 1999 and Australia now has 17% of the competitive UK wine market, 28% of the Irish market and 32% of the New Zealand market.

The site allows you to search for all vineyards in any state in Australia and get their addresses. Does not give you detail information on the types of wine available.


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