Cybermed Update April 2001

DOBBS - A new look!

"You're never too old to become younger."

Mae West (1892 - 1980)

Officially this is my 50th article. Half a century in cricket terms, an important event and it requires an important article. I found the recent revamped, new look, faster, leaner DOBBS great! If you have not been there recently, do so. Got Dr Alan Teh to give me a quick overview and a few pointers in what's new at DOBBS.(Doctors' Only Bulletin Board)


The primary aim of Dobbs is to allow the Malaysian Medical Community to discuss issues within the community.
There are multiple forums that cater to different discussion topics. Users may browse the forums from the web or elect to receive postings via email.

There are also sections with articles of interest to the local medical community. Users may actively contribute to the articles as well as post their feedback.

Brief History

Dobbs started off as a humble mailing list back in 1996. We moved on to a Web platform in 1997 and have been growing steadily in numbers since then. As of March 2001, there are over 1060 members in Dobbs and there are a huge number of postings/discussion threads for interesting reading!

We moved to the current version based on the TMSPublisher platform in April 2001. There are now sections where users may contribute articles including text, pictures and links. These are being developed but we already have sections like In Memoriam, Radiology corner and more to come...

The system allows users to comment on articles posted by colleagues for instant feedback.

We have also started online CME quizzes and Surveys using TMSPublisher’s built-in Forms capability. Other features include searching and updating MMA details and an online Locum Agency.

Snapshot of current Forums:


User feedback [ 2 topics ]
Please post your thoughts and suggestions here. Feedback is most welcome.

Dobbs Announcements [ 3 topics ]
Announcements and briefs regarding Dobbs

Computing in Medicine [ 5 topics ]
I notice lots of us are interested in computing in medicine. After all pioneer Dobbs members were amongst the first in the Malaysian Medical community to be 'net savvy. We can discuss issues about PDAs, clinic software etc. here

General Forum [ 882 topics ]
This is the general discussion area in which we can discuss all and sundry. There are 4 years worth of "discussion threads" which you can browse or use the Search facilty (top left) to look for items of interest.

Drug Queries [ 40 topics ]
This forum is for users to post topics related to Pharma products and any drug related issues.

Consultation Area [ 163 topics ]
In this area, users may post difficult clinical problems to share with others. Dobbs Admin helps by forwarding to interested specialists for their expert comments.

ENT Forum [ 0 topics ]
This Forum is dedicated to the discussion of ENT related topics and issues.

Public Health Forum [ 1 topics ]
For discussing issues related to Public Health and Community Medicine

Pathology Forum [ 0 topics ]
Dedicated to discussing Pathology and related issues

Oncology Forum [ 1 topics ]
Discussion Forum for the MOS

Complementary Medicine Forum [ 3 topics ]
Discussion area for Alternative medicine

Orthopaedic Forum [ 0 topics ]
For the MOA and anyone interested in discussing issues related to Orthopaedics

Snapshot of Dobbs

How to join Dobbs

Surf over to

Read the rules and click on the Sign-up link to register – it’s free!

Some other sites that you may want to pay a visit.....

According to this website, it consists of 4 main educational sections designed to help medical students and officers (particularly those in physician-training programs) to prepare for their examinations and future careers. This site is by Prof. Dr . Izham Cheong.

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With that I let your "mouse" or your "keyboard" do the "talking".

Till next month, "Happy Surfing".

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