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This recent article (March 24th issue) by Anita Devasahayam in CNET Malaysia explores the use of the Internet by patients and how to ensure a site as valid and not the work of a quack.


Lots of interesting facts and amazing stories to share with your family and friends. Example, "Bees do not have ears. Ants can carry 10 times their own weight. African buffalo's have been known to ambush people. Crocodiles cannot stick their tongue out. A male orangutan is four times stronger than a man. Thought your neighbours were interesting? You should see the A-Z of Animals." ; "It took 175 days for the first airplane flight around earth. The first circumnavigation by hot air balloon took only 19 days - but that was 75 years later. Who will be the first to swim around the world?! Every year, the race is on to be the first or the fastest around the world." and many, many more.

Books online with a difference.You can read certain books online as well as have access to "Issues in Science and Technology".


This text requires Adobe Acrobat (TM) Reader Software to be viewed. Topics covered includes






Part VI - Methods of Treatment

Part VII - Encyclopedia of Common Heart Disorders


From Loyola University Medical Center. A great site on Anatomy with lots of links to other web sites.


A New Gene Map of the Human Genome from The International RH Mapping Consortium .

The Human Genome Project is entering its climactic phase that will result, as early as 2003, in a complete and accurate DNA sequence representing the genetic blueprint and evolutionary history of the human species. Moreover, a "working draft" of this "book of life" may be available as early as 2001 and, in both cases, an index to the chapters and paragraphs will greatly enhance both the completion of the finished product as well as the practical utility of the intermediate results for biomedicine.

This new gene map represents such an index as it includes the locations, within this text, of more than 30,000 genes and provides an early glimpse of some of the most important pieces of the genome. Even more importantly, the map can be immediately applied by scientists to the identification and isolation of genes that either directly cause human ailments or increase our susceptibility to disease.


An online site dictionary with every imaginable language! Includes Oxford English dictionary.


Need to know more about a drug? Try the site above. Mainly covers drugs registered with FDA.


The global electronic reporting system for outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases. See Today on ProMED-mail for the latest in outbreaks. Posted on 25th March 2000,   Hand, foot & mouth disease - Malaysia, contents provided below.

"Mukah is the latest district to join other divisions in registering a rise in incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease. But the State Health Department (SHD) has yet to ascertain the exact number of children infected with this disease despite the increased number of cases also recorded in Bintulu, Kuching, Marudi, Serian, Sibu and Miri.

State Health Department (SHD) director Dr Yao Sik Chi told the Tribune yesterday that parents should heed the department's advice to observe strict personal hygiene. "Getting early treatment for their children and the regular washing of hands would help bring down the incidence of this disease," he advised. "Parents with children below five must wash hands before eating and avoid crowded places", he added.

Parents should not compromise on personal hygiene as the disease could only be spread from human to human, he said. Dr Yao had directed all medical staff at the divisional and district levels to alert parents of children infected by the disease to seek early medical treatment at the nearest hospitals and clinics. He hoped nursery operators too would cooperate by observing strict personal hygiene, and send home children suspected of being infected by the disease. Meanwhile, University Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) director of Health and Community Medicine, Professor Dr Jane Cardoza, agreed that prevention was most effective to fight the disease. "Keeping hands clean by washing with water before any intake of food is the best practice for parents and children. The hot and dry weather should be good reason to observe strict personal hygiene," she said.

On Wednesday, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Dr George Chan said the government did not want to be caught unprepared this time. In mid-1997, the Coxsackie outbreak took the lives of 31 children under five years old, with 911 treated at hospitals and clinics. A total of 3,334 children were treated nationwide for this viral infection. The outbreak also put the country on medical alert, forcing the temporary closure of nurseries and swimming pools in the State. The State government allocated nearly RM1 million for research on the Coxsackie disease. The government also took steps to ensure there would be no future recurrence of the disease in the State. "

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