The Cardiologist and the Internet

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The Cardiologist and the Internet

I will be giving a presentation on "Cardiologist and the Internet" on the 18th of September 1999 at HUKM and decided to "kill two birds with one stone" with this article. There are lots of cardiology related sites on the Internet and to cover all is impossible. These are among a few sites that I have come across which I found to be useful.

General Cardiology sites

Martindale's Health Science Guide - 1999 site offers a virtual one-stop site for interesting cardiology sites. The "Cardiology Center" has been divided into HEART & CARDIOVASCULAR DEVELOPMENT & FUNCTION, COURSES & TUTORIALS, CASES & TEACHING FILES, DATABASES, ARTIFICIAL HEART, VALVES & PULSE GENERATORS, and CARDIOLOGY SOUNDS & IMAGES. Tons of informative information.

Offers research, information, ongoing clinical trials, and news regarding cardiovascular health.

A great site for Interventional Cardiology Information.

General information for patients and physicians.

The WHO Cardiovascular Diseases programme provides advice and methods on prevention, standards for care, and advises governments on policies and strategies for monitoring and surveillance of the disease situation in their respective countries.

Health related news.


ECG/EKG sites

Multimedia sites

An interactive presentation of the heart. Requires Macromedia's SHOCKWAVE.

A resource site for cardiac and pulmonary auscultation.


Journals and Association / Society sites

This covers at least the sites that I have visited. If you have any site that you feel should be included drop me an email. This page can be updated unlike the published article in which it is in.


With that I let your "mouse" or your "keyboard" do the "talking".

Till next month, "Happy Surfing".

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