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Want your own web page? Here are several free sites where you can make your own web page/homepage. Some of these sites will help you setup the page and as you become more familiar with html probably you could then "add" on to it. Check the site and read the instructions. Some may not allow graphics to be uploaded. Some will allow both ftp as well as html to upload your files, or allows one to create sub-directories. Most of them will also let you have an email that you could either access at the site or re-route to your current email.

What's the catch? Most of these sites may advertise with banners which may pop-up when you open the page or create the banners on top of your web site. A small price to pay for something that's free!

One of the best known community free homepage sites.You get a free webpage with 11 megabytes of space, subdirectories to help you organize your files, a full set of tools, and technical support. One of the best around. (

This site offers 11 megabytes of free space to setup your own free homepage. (

Free 50megs space. (

Another community site. Giving a whopping 20 megabytes of free space for your homepage!(

Angelfire is an online community where you can quickly and easily create and publish a unique personal home page on the Internet, for friends, family and the rest of the web community to view. Angelfire provides you with tools for creating and posting your page and host your page for free. 5 megabytes of free space.(

7 megabytes of free space.(

A U.K based web site. Unlimited web space (?). (

Just an additional Medical/Health link that does not fall in the above category. Not as well arranged as Yahoo but nevertheless useful. (

Medicine Online

Above is a link to MOL that provides up-to-date medical resources, medical information, medical references, and connections for just about anyone in the medical or health field.  (


With that I let your "mouse" or your "keyboard" do the "talking".

Till next month, "Happy Surfing".

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