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This issue will cover a potpourri of useful sites. I missed out an important "site" in last month's article on Mental Health. The site is

This site has numerous useful links to WHO related programs such as

While you are here check out the other WHO program sites at . A gold mine of information.

The theme for the 11th annual World AIDS Day ( )is 'Force For Change: World AIDS Campaign with Young People'. This theme reflects the fact that worldwide five young people are infected with HIV every minute, making AIDS and HIV a very real part of everyday life for young people. For more information on how many young people are infected with HIV, see the statistics pages. Many young people have questions and concerns about AIDS and HIV. For more information for young people on HIV, AIDS and related matters visit the young people's section on this site.

Another useful site for information ( )on HIV/AIDS.

The National Library of Medicine's MEDLINEplus ( pages are designed to direct you to resources containing information that will help you research your health questions. They are designed for educational use only and are not intended to replace advice from a health professional. These pages provide a carefully selected list of resources, not a comprehensive catalog.

This guidelines ( is from CDC. Download the PDF Version  (383k). Adobe Acrobat Reader required.  Click to download a FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

As promised in the September issue on OSH sites, the SOEM of the Malaysian Medical Association ( ) is now up at The page is expected to be updated with their newsletter and future events.

This cybermed column ( ) now has a forum for discussion, comments and opinions. Feel free to discuss issues posted in this column. Never tried posting a message in a forum...give it a try.



Ask Jeeves ( is a question-answering system allowing anyone to ask a question in plain, simple English without having to use keywords or Boolean search strings. Jeeves provides a concise list of answers with their exact location instead of an exhaustive list of matches. Jeeves is the first Internet Butler. He's friendly, fast, smart, and at your service 24 hours a day.

Lastly, I have updated the links to my first 12 articles. The Internet being a dynamic medium allows one to update sites without coming out with a new edition. (


With that I let your "mouse" or your "keyboard" do the "talking".

Till next month, "Happy Surfing".

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